Saturday, October 28, 2006

Daily Digest October 27-28, 2006

Joe Hueglin wrote:


For the past week I've had server trouble . The ability to send outgoing posts at all is problematic. Sending the large volumes necessary for the Digest to be sent very long to impossible.

Last night was impossible. If you receive this there will have been improvement but it will be irregular until November 5th, so the information
is given when a call is made.

Part of my day was spent in composing the first part of a consideration of what I'm entitling "THE "NATION" QUESTION WITH US AGAIN".

Any questions you have concerning the thoughts presented or comments regarding them are most welcome. Having clarity in concepts and their expression in words are absolutely necessary in order to dialogue.

Will get unsorted articles to you when possible.



Political-nations, countries, are sovereign land areas whose governments conduct relations with other countries and make laws applying to their citizens and all non-citizens inhabiting their land (with the exception of those from other countries present in ambassadorial positions).

There are two forms of political-nations:

the Unitary in which all decision making power rests with the national government, though generally some powers are delegated to subsidiary governments termed variously states, districts, shires, provinces et. al. ;

the Federal in which decision making powers are divided. The national government making decisions through its powers applicable to all resident within the country, the state or provincial governments doing so with theirs applicable only to residents in their portions of the country.

In political terms there is but one national government making decisions through its constitutional power affecting all resident in Canada. Provincial governments decision making powers are effective only within their portions of Canada.

There is no Alberta Nation, Quebec Nation. There is only one country, one political-nation in northern North America, Canada.


Cultural-nations are groups of people sharing common cultural patterns .


Rallies across country urge Ottawa to bring troops home from Afghanistan

Dozens of B.C. First Nations demand governments work harder on land claims

Tories see anti-crime agenda as grist for next election campaign

Harper, opposition trade barbs over legislative foot-dragging

Harper refuses to be drawn into Quebec nation debate

Tories reimburse $9,600 for PM's Challenger junkets but don't cover true cost

Questions of integrity continue as MacKay tries to stifle slur controversy

CSIS boss wants bigger foreign spying role; former MI6 chief seconds call

Ottawa plans no-fly list by 2007

Critics take aim at plan to buy new Lockheed planes

Doggone it!

RCMP snitches promised protection

The bad news out of Afghanistan never seems to end.

Veterans of Russia's Afghan war say it's 'impossible to win there'

Emotions are dangerous in 'nation' debate

U.S. economy feels bite of housing bust

Tories table ethics bill, accept big donations on same day

Flying the open skies

A fit military is mandatory

First Nations culture survives efforts to shut down powwows

Environmentalists, industry kept out of UN conference

Afghanistan participation supported

Buying product rewards bad guys

B.C. judge deserves praise for speaking out about grow-ops

Canada facing Asian identity crisis
We're viewed sharing U.S. outlook on world, delegates told

What price a perfect system?

The three amigos?
Here we go again, down the acrimony trail

Tests defy greenhouse warming theory

American dilemma
U.S. voters should punish Bush, not Iraqis

West's farmers used to getting the shaft

Desperate army

Canada needs NATO partners

Ad hominem

We’d be better off not trying to solve Quebec problem

Gay marriage controversy need not disturb the social peace

It makes sense to look after our forests
A healthy forest supports a variety of tree species.

Al-Qaeda warns Canada
Quit Afghan mission or endure attack like 9/11, threat says

Feds make sweating complicated
Tax credit for child sports is unnecessarily complex

Ignatieff-camp MP moves to Rae's side over Israel comments

Where Rae stands

We are at war with Jihad

Cue the political outrage

Canada Post's regulatory farce

`Big Mo' behind ex-NDP premier — at least for now
It's been a good week for Rae
Camps planning convention tactics

U.S. promises notice if Canadians are removed

Harper continues to attack opposition
Government business being stalled, PM says Denies he's preparing for early election

Spies operating abroad: CSIS chief
Comments ignite debate on creating foreign agency
Tory government looking into expanding service

Ignatieff rolls the dice with Quebec gambit
But it poses a big gamble for Liberals

Rae behind Quebec row: Ignatieff
Accuses rival of dredging up old feuds
Says others share his view on province

Ontario cringes at more constitutional talk
Quebec `nation' idea splits Liberals

Ottawa, Ontario resume hostilities over money

Opposition stymies Conservative agenda

Canada must seek deal with U.S.
Vanishing ice puts Canadian sovereignty in the far north at serious risk

Medical discharges thinning military's ranks

No-fly list will add layer of security to air travel

Ottawa rules out amnesty for illegal workers
Construction industry hit hard by decision

Bill amendment would protect spy-service whistle-blowers

Ignatieff, Rae square off on Quebec nationalism

Newfoundland: The 'promised land' of fishing

Wheat board monopoly nears end

Tories resort to stall tactics as grip on Parliament weakens

Harper's Senate reform plan clears first hurdle in upper house

Tory bill won't stop meddling in PS
watchdog: Bureaucrats won't face scrutiny after working for minister

More federal bucks for provinces opposed

Top Coach Puzzled] By Military's Decision To Kill Fitness Test

Crime bills take centre stage

Harper riled at 'arrogant' Senate

Accusations fly as parliament business grinds to a halt

# Des manifestants réclament le rapatriement des troupes canadiennes

# Des jeunes âgés d'à peine 12 ans pourraient être emprisonnés, dit Toews

# L'économie se porte bien et Harper n'entend pas réduire la TPS l'an prochain

PLC: une ex-collaboratrice d'Ignatieff se joint au principal rival Bob Rae

Stephen Harper demeure à l'écart du débat sur la nation québécoise

[ Ontario ] – Travailleurs sans-papiers
Harper écarte toute amnistie

Sécurité aérienne - Ottawa aura sa liste noire

Des postiers refusent de distribuer du matériel homophobe

Les renvois pour raisons médicales de l'armée canadienne augmentent

Bernard Landry applaudi à Ottawa