Friday, October 20, 2006

Daily Digest October 20, 2006

Joe Hueglin wrote:


ST.JOHN'S TELEGRAM - A ringing endorsement

CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - The tools to enforce their own bylaws
The province must give the towns the clout they need to enforce their laws.

HALIFAX HERALD - Tories, Grits neck and neck

HALIFAX HERALD - Where’s the proof?

MONTREAL GAZETTE - An inconvenient truth for Quebecers

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Conservative green plan fails to address issue

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Ruling is a small victory for liberty

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Ruling benefits all Canadians


TORONTO STAR - Segal stands up for education

TORONTO STAR - Shameful delays in Clean Air Act

TORONTO STAR - Press freedom, upheld

NATIONAL POST - Garth had it coming

TORONTO SUN - Lifting the veil of prejudice

TORONTO SUN - Tory world needs Garth

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Envoy sticks to the script

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Border prejudices

LONDON FREE PRESS - Tory 'air' blows hot

K-W RECORD - Turner the maverick

WINNIPEG SUN - No overnight fix for air pollution

SASKATOON STARPHOENIX - Producers must prepare for life without CWB

REGINA LEADER-POST - Weak sequel to Kyoto

GRANDE PRAIRIE DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE - Head-in-the-sand mentality
Always fight for your right to know truth

EDMONTON JOURNAL - Facing facts in Quebec

EDMONTON SUN - Butting heads

VANCOUVER SUN - Dangerous offender law is based on illusion, not on the facts

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - Taking too long to cool the globe
The Tory targets to combat climate change are more realistic -- maybe too realistic

VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST - An MP with nothing to lose


Send in the Mounties, say overworked officers fed up with Caledonia standoff

Letters, threats, attacks spread fear along Suicide Alley

Canada needs NATO help: MacKay

MacKay makes pitch for more NATO help
Frustrated minister raises heat on allies to put `boots' on frontline

Politics Watch This! Military recruiting ad pulls no punches

U.S. listened on passports: Envoy

It's going to get easier to apply for new border-crossing card

Headline inflation plummets to 0.7% but policy-influencing core rate tops 2%

Hard times for industry

Oil sands needs high prices: Nexen CEO

Arch foes may hold key to peace
Feuding politicians have until Nov. 10 to settle differences

New legislation to regulate mould, radon in indoor air
Mould, radon to be monitored and regulated
Environmentalist praises `landmark decision'

Reserve homes lack access to water, report says

Opponents of Tory 'three strikes' legislation are playing foul ball

Memo to Canada: Don't ape U.S. crime policy

RCMP rebuked for probe of reporter

Prison report a real con job

New card targets Internet fraud

Canada's welcome mat worn, immigrant studies find

Quebec spending $300M to help forestry sector

Taxpayers on hook?

McGuinty says Ottawa must compensate province for cost of aboriginal occupation

Clean air act wins Alberta approval
Distant targets outrage critics

PM ready to call by-elections, sources say

Tory Green Day

Clean Air Act appears doomed as opposition parties unite in anger

Act looks like an election document ... Harper has misread voters, critics say ... Political climate trumps climate change

Green plan prescription for inaction

Greenhouse gas plan hot air

Senator alleges possible smear campaign

Jews embrace Stephen Harper

Arab group wants action from Harper in Mideast

Harper losing his tight grip

Rae likely to lead Grits

Turner's 'a free agent'

Ousted Turner considers future with Green Party

Support for Tories among women deteriorating, new poll suggests

Results confirm Ignatieff lead

Ignatieff camp's new sales pitch: He'll take Quebec

PM gives strong defence of energy sector ... Canada emerging as a 'superpower'

Grit gaffes a Tory boon

Bush to consult on possible change in Iraq tactics

Bush's history lesson
Like scoundrels before him, U.S. president restricts liberty to preserve it

Health minister warms up to pandemic action

Terrorism and dirty money

Climate consultations will seem endless
But when the time comes for choices, will the Tories have the courage to act?

'The brute force of the state met its match'
Ruling against RCMP 'powerful statement' on press freedom

Ruling thaws 'chill' in Canada's newsrooms
Press and civil liberties advocates welcome decision as 'fantastic news'

How do you dismantle the nuclear family?

Biological father, couple fight over child's custody

Stronach asks MacKay to apologize over comment

Canine epithets prompt few regrets about relationship with MacKay: Stronach

MacKay denies calling ex-flame Stronach a 'dog' = #

Peter MacKay puts Tories in doghouse with alleged sexist comment

Opposition demands MacKay apology

Humour: The dog day of Peter MacKay

When no one is 'it'

Ottawa needs to make a new vow: 'Til debt do us part

Former prime minister Trudeau's son leaves door open to political future


Belinda Stronach demande à son ancien ami Peter MacKay de s'excuser

Québec présente un plan de 720 millions $ pour contrer la crise forestière

Les syndiqués dans la forêt poussent un soupir de soulagement

Les travailleurs demandent un délai

Guerre en Irak Violence chaotique

Harper remet le compteur à zéro

«La solidarité passe par la lucidité» - Un an après la parution de son manifeste, Lucien Bouchard réédite son appel pour une société responsable

Conservation égale emplois viables

Les conservateurs à 14% au Québec

Le Bloc québécois se prépare pour des élections printanières

Kyoto part en fumée

Déclin constant des appuis féminins aux conservateurs

Les conservateurs terminent la semaine avec une autre controverse


No Digest yesterday - due to no computerization of where I was situated for c.26 hours.

Tony must consider looking look into that - but first he has two programmes announced this week that will take his time and
his Ministry's budget.

Just think of the massive technocratic/bureaucratic and whatever other "ic" you can think of involved in keeping this promise!

There are still those using permanent "Johnny and Jennie" on the spots (the Jennie I just picked up last week
at the Fenwick Flea Market on Foss Road in Pelham). Will the MOULD METRES be Federal, Provincial, Regional
or Municipal reponsibilities. AND will there be the necessity of air conditioned rooms sucking air inward in private
homes for those persisting in putting "particulate matter" into the air?

"This new piece of legislation will allow the federal government for the first time to start regulating indoor air,"
said Clement. "You've got mould, radon and particulate matter making Canadians sick and having a particular
impact on absenteeism of kids away from school. They are very susceptible to indoor air quality, and so are the

When asked for details, Clement said the government is starting at the "ground floor," so it needs to find out where
the problems are, and then move on regulations.

Minister Clement's second pronouncement is placed under PRESSURE POINTS. Most articles you find there are just *.
Scaring the livin' be-jesus outta us over terrorism, pandemic and global warming. However this one merits * *. It combines
global warming and pandemic. "Canada must take immediate action on global warming to cope with the threat
of new infectious diseases from abroad, Health Minister Tony Clement said Thursday.

Now I know contrarians are not in vogue this week but may I ask someone to ask some one to ask someone whether
our weather is going to get any hotter than some parts of the 'States any time soon? And if it's not whether their findings
concerning weather relationships to new infectious diseases from abroad might apply here?

The coordinates to seek information are:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A.
Tel: (404) 639-3311 / Public Inquiries: (404) 639-3534 / (800) 311-3435

Back some years ago when Hon Garth Turner, P.C., was first elected to the House he was invited to speak at a Niagara Falls
Riding fund raising dinner. (This may be speaking unconfidentially but there's likely a statute of limitations (or there ought to be ).

His Riding having not covered election received a donation from our Riding. I mention this because Garth was a Tory before
most of those suspending him from caucus were called Tories (called such by decision of the media).

Some views have been posted to the Digest relating to the question posed in this manner:

Which of the two sits best with you:

I accept the PM was as surprised as anyone;

I'd be much surprised if the PM was surprised.

These will be posted on a BELOW (30) later

In the meanwhile you may view others opinions as expressed on this G&M site, if you're of a mind. As well as those of

Garth Turner(Comment68) Maverick ex-Tory MP took your questions