Monday, October 16, 2006

Daily Digest October 16, 2006.

Joe Hueglin wrote:



CHARLOTTETOWN GUARDIAN - Limiting the lenders of last resort
Payday loan companies deserve to be paid for their services, but government has a duty to protect clients from exploitation.

MONTREAL GAZETTE - Hospitals should tell us what we want to know

OTTAWA CITIZEN - Child protection

OTTAWA SUN - Better than nothing

TORONTO STAR - Harper drags feet on AIDS funding

TORONTO STAR - Dangerous initiative

TORONTO STAR - Banking on the poor

NATIONAL POST - Frank McKenna's wise words

TORONTO SUN - Enough hot air on Kyoto

HAMILTON SPECTATOR - Alternative to Kyoto Needed

K-W RECORD - Anti-crime bill has political tone

WINDSOR STAR - Tax harmony: Why did it take so long?

WINDSOR STAR - Dangerous offenders

WINNIPEG SUN - Violent criminal clampdown welcome

EDMONTON SUN - Right thing to do

VANCOUVER SUN - Sweeping changes are needed to curb errors by court officials


Northern water rights issue heats up
First Nations demand action in booming Mackenzie region

Quebec band council misspent millions on police, report alleges

Caledonia march unravels

Think you're an Indian activist? Think again

No way to avoid ambush
Deadly road claims two more Canadians

Canada joins U.S. effort to protect soldiers in Afghanistan from bombs

Money woes hamper mission
Reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan said hindered by suspension of aid, Brig.-Gen Al Howard testifies

Reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan hindered by halt to CIDA spending

Coverage gave DND undeserved black eye

Political intervention needed to fix defence purchasing: ex-official

15 years to buy a tank

Bomber kills 3 Afghans, injures 1 Canadian soldier

Blair urges Canadians to support Afghan mission

Canadians want input into Great Lakes machine-gun talks

U.S. machine-gun fire suspended on Great Lakes

US border controls help kill town's economy

It's Tex-Vex for Ottawa as state perpetuates myth about 9/11 hijackers

Radioactive materials prove North Korea conducted nuclear test

U.S. influence wanes as South rises

Tories moving towards guaranteeing timely health care:federal health minister

Health Canada introduces trial rules in wake of tuberculosis scare

Should we try Kiwi model on no-fault medical error?

Supreme Court asked to end election blackouts

Aboriginals still getting raw deal from prison system, says ombudsman

Attack raises questions about young offenders

Sound sentencing

Grasping at guns

Canada's welcome mat proves slippery for 4,000

B.C. premier says Canada needs to invest more to improve Asia-Pacific trade

Party memberships seen as key to Alberta race

Tories grilled over live fire, softwood lumber

Leader debate gets testy

Politics corrupt Iggy ... Flip shows Grit leadership hopeful has become a flop

Liberals down, dirty

'This is not a tea party'
Leadership contenders take gloves off during fiercest debate of Liberal race

Ignatieff back on track -- barely

Ignatieff leads among Ontario Grit riding presidents: survey

Ignatieff on hot seat at Liberals' last stand
Cheering, booing, shouting and a bikini
Many of the exchanges turn personal

Duceppe moves away from sovereignty strategy in Parti Quebecois program

Tory government's Clean Air Act will face a rough ride in the Commons

Tory ministers disagree over causes of forestry job losses

Sparring reveals candidates' soft spots

McKenna urges missile defence
Liberals entreated to drop opposition

MacKay rules out joining missile defence

The Rock proves a hard place for Harper

Baird breached three statutes and should resign: Libs

MPs vow to kill Tory Clean Air Act
'Cynical exercise' won't make it past table, Opposition says

Bar Association urges prime minister to restore court challenges program

'Canadians are taxed too much,' says Flaherty

Ottawa eyes privatization of CMHC

Harper denies privatization of housing agency

Committee to probe what Zaccardelli told ministers

Ambrose not yet briefed on science of climate change: critics

Climate-change "skeptics'' hopeful Harper accepts their view

Conservatives must act on climate change

Leaders must be informed and fair HUGH SEGAL

Judicial appointments are a matter of public trust

Tories misread literacy needs

Guarding the border guards
Union leader fears day he finds out officer 'got shot'

Russian hitmen have no fear of the law

Where Union Jacks fly
Looking for Englishmen in the midday sun

Mr. PM: claim the mantle, shoulder the burden


Rae, Ignatieff et Dion s'attaquent à fond lors du dernier débat libéral

Blackburn établit un lien entre environnement et crise forestière au Québec

Un autre Canadien blessé

Danny Williams se fait menaçant

Les conservateurs garantiraient des délais d'attente médicalement acceptables

L'adoption de la nouvelle loi sur la qualité de l'air est incertaine

La Cour suprême se penche sur les élections à l'ère d'Internet



Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mackay said that the treaty is “under review” and that Canada had
“made its views known” to Washington.

Can we know too, Mr. Minister? Did you agree or disagree?

On the Middle East, as elsewhere, Canadians expect their leaders to be both well-informed and ruthlessly fair.

Respectfully, Senator, well informed is understandable but "ruthlessly fair"? Could we have examples? Please!


Rebecca Gingrich

Subject:Global Warming?

This darn Global Warming--- -5C and snow on the ground here. Joe, are you in the area that got so much snow? Buffalo got 2' of snow!!!

Anne Hodgson

Subject: RE: A "J. Edgar Robertson Special"

Hi Joe:

That is interesting! I don’t remember any of this stuff; however, I knew that some of this happened from a historical standpoint. The rest was quite interesting to read about.

Have a great weekend.

Anne Hodgson

Pat Bush

Hi, Joe -

I DID have to laugh out loud - AND I find I'm older than dirt!

Have a great weekend - you've just given me an absolutely delightful start to mine! Thanks loads for sharing.

Pat Bush

Rosalie Piccioni

Dear Joe:

Re: 2nd mole played key role in bomb plot probe

This is such a good example of what is being produced in this country called Canada; i.e. that new Canadians are actually feeling like Canadians, that this is their country too, and are concerned about what happens in our/their society here - even to putting their lives in danger. The Muslim community is taking responsibility for what happens amongst them. After reading this article,, and the references found in it, it is easy for anyone to understand the admirable showing on their part.

They have my support, as I'm sure they will have from many others - from those who will understand the sacrifice they are making.


Rubie Britton

Subject: Fun,Funnier , Funniest

Never Seen That Before
A young preacher was asked by the local funeral director to hold a graveside burial service at a small local cemetery for someone with no family or friends.
The preacher headed out early, but quickly got himself lost, making several wrong turns. Eventually, a half hour late, he saw the backhoe and its crew, but the hearse was nowhere in sight and the workmen were eating lunch.
The diligent young pastor went to the open grave and found the vault lid already in place. Taking out his book, he read the service. Feeling guilty because of his tardiness, he preached an impassioned and lengthy service, sending the deceased to the great beyond in style.
As he was returning to his car, he overheard one of the workmen say, "I've been putting in septic tanks for twenty years and I ain't never seen anything like that."

As ever,

Jacob Rempel

Subject: " Hoodwinked :The Myth of Free Trade" screenings

Forwarded for your information.

Check out the website

You may wish to contact Linda and Bill
and arrange a screening in your area.

....Jacob Rempel

Mahmood Elahi

To: "Letters to the Editor"

Subject: Veils hiding faces can be a security risk

The Editor
The Toronto Star

Veils hiding faces can be a security risk

I am writing with reference to: "Our skewed priorities," by Haroon Siddiqui (Oct. 15).

While criticising former British Foerign Secretary Jack Staw for speaking out against women wearing veils covering their faces, Haroon Siddiqui fails to realize that veils can be used by criminals to hide their identities. If a man walked into a bank wearing a balaklava he would be asked to remove it for security purposes, yet he could potentially walk into any bank, diguised in a burkha and hold the place up.

In fact, the biggest problem associated with the veil is that there is no way to distinguish a man from a woman wearing burkha. And a criminal can hide as a woman in veil and get around places like banks and shops to rob them. Moreover, terrorists and fugitive criminals can easily move around in veils to hide assault rifles and other weapons. Moreover, terrorists can also use women themselves to carry out acts of violence as Chechen women terrorists have done in Russia. Veils will allow such terrorist groups to use women more easily for acts of terrorism.

As such, women, who want to wear complete veils for moral reasons, should not visit banks, public transports, shopping malls and other vulnerable public places.

2240 Iris Street, Ottawa.

Tom Baxter

Subject: Re: A "J. Edgar Robertson Special"

3 blackballs for a penny.

Tom Baxter

(Is Sen Sen still around?)
Rosalie Piccioni

Subject: Puzzle

Thought you might appreciate this:

If a left-handed person uses the right side of their brain;
And a right-handed person uses the left side of their brain,
Does that mean that a left-handed person is the only person in their right mind?

Phyllis Wagg

Subject: The road to where?

This weekend two more Canadian soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the construction of the right-of-way for a road in Afghanistan.

I am totally aware that many here are unwilling to recognize that the possibility exists that our soldiers are dying in an attempt to create a corridor across Afghanistan for a gas pipeline. The military itself seems to believe that the road is being constructed for military purposes but non-military observers have said it is part of the re-construction of the country.

If you take a map of Afghanistan, move 20 km west and draw a line in the north-south direction you will find that the road would be moving towards Pakistan or north toward Turkestan. There is already a highway from Kandahar north towards the border which in the various reports would provide the corridor for the pipeline north. While the north-south route towards Pakistan could be used to move our military forces through the region it could just as well serve as a route for opposing forces to move from Pakistan toward Kandahar and eventually Kabul. The question I hope someone can answer is: “where is this road going?”

Brian Marlatt

Pre-vote stroll for Cadman

Harper importing U.S. gun culture
In a recent letter to the Now, so-called Conservative MP Russ Hiebert (his party and politics continue to be as anti-Canadian and anti-Tory as they were when they were styled Reform) confuses concern for violent crime and criminal justice with giving guns to Canada Customs agents.

(The headlines are the links in case you are unaware)
October 16th, 2006
To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

Weird, is it not that the only answers to that letter were critical of a stand against foreign ownership and control of OUR resources by foreign corporations?

Then to use the quote which I believe came from the C.D. Howe Institute, saying don't worry, 'Canadian's have more money invested in foreign countries than foreigners have money invested in Canada'. This is the same ' pro-corporate, think tank' that fed the investment industry the story that Canada represents only 3% of the world's wealth and we should be putting our money elsewhere, thereby letting the neighbours have their way, uncontested! (That particular tid-bit keeps showing up in much investment material and it comes from the days when there was a 20% limit on foreign investment in Canada and the C.D. Howe Institute, and american investors wanted to get rid of it.)

Obviously, al didn't realize that, and believed the fed story.

On the issue of no entity being big enough to be a problem, I read how Weyerhauser and Domtar merged in August , and it detailed the cutbacks necessary in Canada. Of course, as usual, both companies claim to be Canadian, since they are here and tell their staff to lie for them as well. This, of course is in the name of ASTUTE BUSINESS PRACTICES.

The Corporate efforts are so far advanced that they even have their people to object to those who would dare speak out against them! You are not alone, al.

It is amazing how our own government even facilitates this ploy by letting our M.P.'s help the neighbours while hiding behind dual citizenship, and citizenship and immigration says we Canadians are not allowed to know if those such as David Emerson, Minister of International Trade, as a good example, is speaking as an American, when he praises the new lumber deal, or a Canadian.

Also be aware that when those, covert, foreign companies in the lumber industry ask for the Canadian government to 'help them' with Canadian taxpayers money, NAFTA says 'Thou shalt not discriminate against American corporations'!

A neat trick is it not? Obviously, an incredibly dumb, bought, infiltrated, or uninformed government is essential to make this work.

Please, please, someone prove me wrong.

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

Rick Anderson

Subject: Williams exposes Harper duplicity

The Reform-Alliance-Conservative spin collides with True Progressive Conservative principles.

There has been an almost eerie silence since the election of the Reform-Alliance Conservatives to a minority position, even though it must be plain to all but the true believers that nothing is what it seems.

Till Now that is, and It took a real Progressive Conservative to Call Harper on his lack of credibility. Harper, and in fact the entire bunch have been heavy in the past promising this and promising that, all the while being loudly critical of the Liberals for not doing as they say. Yet in an opportunistic move, Harper arrived in the little Province of Newfoundland, perhaps expecting a coronation and harraughs for the savior king, but ran into Progressive Conservative Principles head on… in the Form of Danny Williams, a rare politician these days who speaks his mind and gets things done.

IN case you missed it here is an excerpt from the news story carried by the CBC.

“Harper came to Gander for the annual provincial Progressive Conservative convention to address delegates and mend fences with Williams, with whom he has had a sometimes raucous relationship.

After meeting Harper, Williams told delegates the two men are still at odds because the prime minister would not back up a written promise on equalization that he had made in January during the federal election campaign.

In his Jan. 4 letter, written in response to a list of issues that Williams put before each of the federal leaders, Harper vowed to keep non-renewable energy resources out of the equalization formula.

"The Conservative government will ensure that no province is adversely affected from changes to the equalization formula," Harper wrote.

Williams said he was stunned that Harper did not repeat his written pledge, and warned of electoral payback if the position does not change.

"If not, when those federal election results come in across the country and they come to Newfoundland and Labrador, there better be a big goose egg for the Conservatives if they haven't delivered on their promise," Williams said.

Officials with the Prime Minister's Office declined a formal interview, but released a statement saying that Harper does not expect Williams's support.

As well, the statement said, that while Ottawa supports the Atlantic Accord and will not amend the deal, possible changes to the equalization formula are still being considered.”

This is not news for those of us that have followed the empty rhetoric of this Reform-Alliance-Conservative party… What is amazing is the amount of naiveté of some of the former Progressive Conservatives, who have abandoned the principles of the progressive-conservatism, apparently just so they could change seats in the House of Commons.

Some have chided me for my idealism, saying that is what this game is all about.

My Answer to that has remained unchanged since well before the Quebec City Policy Conference, that it being on the Government side of the House is the only goal, then why did not those same PC’s (I will not dignify them with the term former Tory as a real Tory would never abandon the principles that define what being a Tory is) simply join the Liberal Party under Jean Chrieten.

Looking at the record of Steven Harper, it seems to me that it would have been a more honorable move.

This party, masquerading itself as a conservative party, has a set of principles that are as sturdy and open to examination, as a membership list compiled by Tom Long. (At least the Liberals are using real people to stuff the ballots, the fact that they are dead, I am sure is just a technicality but I digress)

Consider these travesties

1. Wholesale abandonment of aboriginal issues and the apparent willingness to renege on settlements… which is remenisent of the CRAP parties willingness to campaign in Nova Scotia pitting non native fishermen against the native fishermen. This practice is called the Politics of division, and is where most of the world’s problems stem. A clear departure from the Progressive Canadian Principle of being inclusive in our approach wherever possible

2. Abandonment of Child Care, in favor of a child subsidy that is woefully low to begin with, and does nothing to help the poorer members of our society change their status, and is a taxable benefit to boot… which has been downplayed and many of the less informed in our midst will find a tax bill they will be ill equipped to meet, come next spring.

3. Abandonment of transparency and honesty in Government. The best example of this is perhaps one of the five planks of the Harper government… is the lowering of taxes to assist the lower income Canadians, which was in fact a smoke screen for a rise in taxes for those same people, that were now hit with a reduction in services, if they had children, and as I mentioned before that so called benefit has a hidden claw back feature, that Steven just happened to forget to stress.

4. Abandonment of Free Enterprise The selling out of the Lumber industry in a rush to get a public settlement, so that “Steve” can pursue his dream of being Mini me with “W” and holding a financial gun to the heads of those companies that did not sign on to the agreement by forcing them to pay a penalty tax to fund the very settlement they did not support. Is it any wonder that there are lumber mill closures…?

I could go on, but there is not enough time or room in this digest to list all the departures from what I, as a long standing Tory, call basic conservatism.

It is time for those who read this forum who consider themselves progressive-conservatives, to stand up and be counted. It is just a matter of time before the house of cards built by the reform types, willing helped by those former PC members whose arrogance has convinced them that they can change the beast from within…

Looking at the last few months… if that is their strategy… when do you think they will begin to start the process?

If you haven’t all ready… I urge those of you that have that sick feeling in their stomach as like I, you watch the once honorable label of Conservative, become synonymous with deception, lack of compassion, placing American interests ahead of Canadian, lack of compassion for lower income families by removing support for child care, so the parents can consider continuing education with an eye to entering the work force better prepared, placing our soldiers in harms way without following parliamentary procedure and law, cronyism… which used to be described as Liberal dirty tricks, to stand up and be counted..

If we do not… who will?

Rick Anderson
Life Long Tory

Proud member of the Progressive Canadian Party

John Halonen

In Regards to:


Time to admit defeat. We really do not make a difference.

The Canadian Press can and does set an agenda. If owners make the decision not to report it will not be reported.
No longer does Canada have an OPEN & FREE Press. Business issues have overtaken the rights of Canadians.

Canadian Politicians are becoming much like the situation in the US. No actual difference between the two parties
and definitely with no MORALS on either side. Decisions are made by them ( or the Party ) with no actual contact
from the constituents who voted them in.

Perhaps there is a North American Union in progress,
that has more control of our lives than we believe.

(John, "defeat" is when you give up. There's a battlecry from the past I adhere to "NO SURRENDER")

Surrender is such a strong word.

It reminds me of the Hitler regime where the Press were manipulated and then deceived their own people.
In a way they were a party to one of the Worlds` greatest tragedies.

That is not the same as the Canadian Press. Here they do not print the TRUTH. They set their own
agendas. To quote Jim Travers of the Toronto Star, "What it means is columnists get to pick
their own topics on which they express their own opinions
." when asked why he would not print
story of Government wrongdoings.

We must accept the Defeat in regards to our Canadian Journalists. They or their owners have no
intention of changing. We must look forward, we must not "Stay the Way", we must review our
alternatives, change our direction and continue the next battle so that losing one battle is part
of winning the War.

Your suggestions or your readers` suggestions are more than welcome.

John Halonen